Friday, 11 December 2009

Christmas markets!

Tomorrow and on sunday you can buy my cutting boards and Myrkott t-shirts at a Christmasmarket at Laboratoriet femton on Carnegiegatan  15. It´s open between 11-17 and what I have seen so far of the rest of the things that are being sold there it´s really worth a visit, if you are in Gothenburg that is!

Today at HDKs christmasmarket it was crazy as alway! You still got the chance to go there tomrrow or on sunday!
Today David Stiernholm wrote a post about my swimmingpool vision on his blog!


Fruenswerk said...

Cool...but I´m just not in Gothenburg. :( øv!
I´m sure you get a lot of your cutting boards sold girl :)

David Stiernholm said...

Hi Cecilia! The English version of my blogpost about your model is here:


Elodie said...

Oh, I've always wanted to go to a real Christmas market in a cold country. Here, we have this sort of tacky fake snow on little wooden house and next to it... palmtrees!