Sunday, 6 December 2009

Christmas is coming

Christmas is coming!

Why not purchase a Myrkott poster? (click on it here to see it bigger, in the shop the image is very small) Great for kids or grown ups! If you feel like it you can color it, but I prefer it black and white.
Internet is filled with great gifts, I will give you two tips every day this week.
Starting with lovley Marie-Louise Sundqvist. She makes fantastic little ceramic and paper stuff with her signifing little figures on, her shop is like a christmas dream!
Pernilla Andersson has new sweet cards in her shop, Anna pernilla. I like her colors and the little stories that are told. The cards would look great framed on the wall aswell as sent to a dear friend. I hope she will add her lovley cuttingboards to her shop ASAP!



la casita de wendy said...

Beautiful poster!!! i love it^_^

annapernilla said...

tack C. :)
Cutting boards in shop!
La faktiskt precis till dem innan jag tittade in till dej!

Fine Little Day said...

Ja, den är snygg den här affischen.