Tuesday, 1 December 2009

1 of December

Today it´s finally 1 of December. This year I long for christmas, it will be fun now that the kids have turned 4 years old.
Something new based upon something old is cooking on my drawing table.
Thank you all for leaving comments on my previous post, I wish old and new readers good luck in the give away. It´s still possible to enter, so spread the word!


marie-louise said...

Som fågelfjädrar och klänningar och japan och... sköna, sköna mönster. Vad duktig du är!!!!

Kylie said...

I like your something new from something old! I did something like that today too - rushing to make a card, I scanned in a drawing and printed it out but was very unhappy with the quality... so, I drew all over it again and it was amazing! It had a strange eerie quality :) Love your christmas prep photos - it all looks busy and exciting! K

neha said...

i am indian rug designer who has been following your blog since some time now,what i really like abt it is that you are one women who knows how to achieve her dreams with a perfect balance,your work is truly inspirational,authentic and beautiful.
Best of luck,you are surely going places dear.

Simone said...

Så vackert! :D

Anairam said...

Oh, Christmas is best when kids are that age! They understand enough of it to make it a real joy. Beautiful drawings below. Oh goodie, a giveaway! I am going to enter right now ...

Veja cecilia said...

marie-Louise: Om det är någon som är duktig så är det du, varje gång jag går in på din blogg väcks mitt vill-ha begär:)
Kylie: the best things come from coinsidents like that. I have a print that I printed on twice, it´s fantastic!
neha: thank your for that really sweet comment. Now I have to check out your blog:)
Simone: tack!
Anairam. yes, enter the giveaway NOW!