Monday, 1 November 2010


This weekend is over. Tomorrow the kids turn five, can´t belive it. Five years ago around this time I was in pain and in about 1,5 hour later they where born. And now they are turning five.
When I wrote this post last night I suddenly heard something from little V´s room. She ran to the toilet and then a marathon of throwing-up started. Poor little thing, what a dreadful way to celebrate her  birthday. Little J and I went to IKEA to get away from the sick people for a while (their father got the same thing last night) and to get the last stuff for the bathroom, and there, it struch him aswell. But I´m fine. Hmm, this was not exactly what I planned for their birthday!


Fine Little Day said...

Hoppas de blir friska raskt. Grattis fina femåringar!

Flotsam Friends said...

Oh you poor things!! Kids, they catch the strangest bugs! Happy Birthday to them though and I hope they're feeling better. Pruxxx

Alexandra Hedberg said...

hoppas alla mår bättre - och att du inte drabbats!

tavelhus said...

Tack för tipset!
Det verkar kul!