Tuesday, 16 November 2010


Textilspaniel tagged me to do 4.

Here we go:

4 television program:
(1) True Blood, (2) Mad Med, both TV shows that J and I watch togather. TV is nice togather. I still like (3) Greys Anatomy. (4) is almost whatever, I mostly draw infront of the TV and use it more as a company then actually watch it.

4 things I did today:
(1) Spent 6 hours in the car driving from Stockholm to Gothenburg, mostly listening to the book "how to train your dragon" read by Robert Gustavsson. It was good. And so was the film, we saw it on saturday evening. (2) Teached my illustration class, I showed them how I use markers. (3) Ate way to much candy (4) Came home, no place like home, so nice to be back!

4 things that I long for: (1) My family in Värmland, especially my grandparents. (2) Our apartment to be done  (3) Christmas, mostly cause I have so much that needs to get done before and I wish everything was done already! (4) Just time to hang out with the man and the kids.

4 things on my wish list: (1) A trip with the family somewhere warm (2) A house that needs no renovation and is on the countryside but still in the city (3) Fun new projects and comission work  (4) That we stop treating the earth the way we do and that people would stop producing so much shitty things and start make the world to a better place to live instead.

4 things I hate: (1) That I worry so much (2) That I have to work so odd hours all the time (3) That I´m missing out on important things (4) That I can´t take control over everything that I wish I could and at the same time I wish I could let go of some control.

4 people tagged:
Alexandra, Lotte, Kimberley and Evie.

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Elisabeth said...

Visst vore det fint om det inte producerades så mycket skräp. Leksaker som följer med serietidningar, fåtöljer som kostar ingenting typ på stora möbelvaruhuset (hur länge används de och hur länge ligger de sedan på toppen av sopberget?) osv. Onödighetsprylarna gör mig galen. Säger jag och faller pladask för en jordglobsjulgranskula och fastnar i svårigheten att vilja ha och inte... Och helst skulle jag också vilja ha en sån där resa till något varmt ställe. Eller åtminstone till er julmarknad i Göteborg!