Friday, 19 November 2010

Time flies when your having fun!

Today I had a meeting with one of the two artists that recommended me to sketch for a public comissioned art piece at a pre-school here in Gothenburg (It´s supposed to be done in august next year). Today was like a pre-presentation before the final presentation at the third of december. The meeting was interesting and fun, I realised that I had missed the situations when I can talk with other artists about my projects. It is such a great moment when someone really looks at your stuff and tells you what they actually thinks about it!  (I talk alot with my friends but it´s different to talk with someone that you don´t know.) I also realised that there sure is alot to get done before the final presentation and even more to think about. It´s a bit scary. I do hope I manage to pull this off so that I will get the comission!

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