Friday, 26 November 2010


The tape is done. My man asked me why I´m always working with the knife against my throat. I said that it´s just now that it is like that. He said no, it has always been like that and it will never change. I guess it´s true, my ideas often land in a very late state of the process, even though I try to work at once when I get a task, everything that comes out is crap and at the end it wraps up and I get the flow.
How is it when you work, do you plan and work and have time to spend at the end, or is it like me, always done 5 minutes before deadline?
Enjoy your weekend!


Alexandra Hedberg said...

... så länge du leverarar och inte blir utbrönd, så! Vi är alla olika!

when skies are grey said...

It looks great! I have my own theory about waiting until the last minute but in brief I think it's because before that we are hesitant to put or final changes in because it's saying it's the best we can do. And we always want to think it can be better. But with a deadline we don't have the luxury of choice and it makes up just do it. I need more deadlines :)!

Veja cecilia said...

alexandra: ja jag är grymt imponerad av din framföhållning och hoppas att den ska smitta av sig lite på mig! snart smäller det, lite spännande!
Kimberley: yes you are right! Im dreaming of work with good money without deadlines right now, think I need to apply for some scolarship or something. Everytime I do something I feel that there are bits that i would lhave liked to change. But deadlines are good for the production!