Monday, 23 November 2009

Enjoying work!

The book on the top image I borrowed from karin (who is back in blogland) I really liked it. I have read quite a few of the books about patterns and printing and this was one of the best so far. Only available in swedish though, here.
Karin and I are collaborating in a project and today I got to use my new lightning table and I spent the afternoon drawing. It´s been MONTHS since I drawed a whole afternoon. Welcome back creativity!
I said I would post on last weeks weekword. I didn´t. Have a look here to see who actually did what they said they would do!


●• Thereza said...

this book looks amazing!
is there a lot of writing though?
i'm very tempted to get it :)
happy drawing to you!!!

aimee said...

i bet it was a great feeling to get back to the drawing table. i love your patterns - i could get lost in them!

Fine Little Day said...

Har den där boken också. Vad fint det blir Cissi!

asphaltandair said...

your drawing looks so lovely tucked into the circle home.
it reminds me of something growing in a petri dish.
will you keep the circle or is it just a guide?

lea said...

i love this drawing. such a beautiful organic yet geometrical look...bad explanation perhaps - my english is limited : )