Thursday, 1 October 2009

Spira 3

Today We had a whole day of presentation and alot of things have landed since I started Spira four weeks ago. I´m starting to feel ready to go out there and show my portfolio.
Things I will think about and prepare befor first presentation:
1. figure out what company I want to start with!
2. Prepare well! Look up the company that I will present my work to, what do I like, why do I like it? etc.
3. I will try to pick out a project (from my portfolio) that suits the company good, or draw something new, especially for the presentation. It´s important to have something that they can feel that they need, something that I can provide them with.
4. I will try and talk about my company as a professional and try not to end up talking about my small drawings that I do here and there.... This is what I do for a living!

There is alot more to be said about presentation and what I have learned so far, but I´ll get back to that after making my first professional presentation!
Have a nice evening people!


Alexandra Hedberg said...

japp - så san tsom det är sagt: research reasearch!

Veja cecilia said...


●• Thereza said...

sounds like an excellent plan... i need some of that at the moment... planning, aiming, delivering... oh dear...

handmade romance said...

sounds like you are on the right track and know what has to be done. good luck with everything. i enjoy reading about your journey.

nathalie et cetera said...

if I can make a suggestion: i would try to practice my first presentation at a place you don't really want to work. this way you will be less nervous for a first try and if it doesn't work exactly like you planned it, you won't be too disappointed and you'll be able to do some fine tuning on your presentation before you go for your real goal. this is a thing i learned in a self marketing class.

best of luck!

Veja cecilia said...

thereza: structure is good!
Evie: I´m happy that you enjoy reading about this, I wasn´t sure how much it would interest anyone to read about this...
nathalie: what a great advice! That´s exactly what I will do:)

Fruenswerk said...

Number 3) will work so well...I did the same when I looked for illustration jobs at some magazines...good idea ;) YOU CAN DO IT...:)