Saturday, 17 October 2009

weekword, "history"

Weekword "history" was chosen by Anairam.
What I´m showing above is the portfolio that I applied to HDK bachelordegree program with, 7 years ago. When I think about history I think about stuff that changes everything: like getting accepted to the school I wanted to attend:)
The first 4 pages are design assignments that I solved.
1. favourite dish, showed in 2d
2. Make a tool for the home handyman.
3. Show a room
4. Interpretation of a smile
Then it was possible to show your own work in the last three pages.
What can I say... much water has flowed under the bridge since then!

Other weekworders this week are: Linda Sue, Sarah, Leenie , Anne, Valentina, Aris, Aimee, Esti, Alexandra, , Nicky, Sarah the jeweller, Line and Cindy!


Sarah said...

Lovely portfolio and interesting to read about a piece of your history.

la casita de wendy said...

beautiful! i love it*_*

kristina k said...

this is such an interesting sneak peek! i know what you mean about water under the bridge. i sometimes feel like that when i look at photos, letters, diary entries that date from some years back. but isn't it beautiful too, to see that change... have a lovely, quiet sunday.

Fruenswerk said... many different things...nice history...Wups weekword??? (shit) selfportrait ;)

Anairam said...

A great portfolio! Do you feel that your studies changed the way you approach art? I often see how artists get caught up in a specific school's way of thinking, especially if the lecturers have strong personalities. Maybe that is just a phase though, and artists reassert their own personalities when they finish studying? Anyway, I liked your interpretation - yes, history does change the course of the future! Only, we don't always think of that while we are busy living our present lives (i.e. while we create history)!

Alexandra Hedberg said...

leendet var ju inte brett!

Kul att se. Tänka att du hade bilder kvar på arbetsproverna!

[det blir nog två screentryckskurser - fr-sön - till våren på KKV. jag låter dig veta!]

aimee said...

oh, wow, i already knew you were talented but it is wonderful to see such a wide range of your artistic capabilities! thank your sharing your history with us!

Aris said...

wow. nice portfolio! I envy you having already earned your MFA. I am bringing my portfolio to a school in Boston this coming weekend. Ugghhh nervous.

Veja cecilia said...

sarah & la casita de wendy: thanks!
Kristina K. yes you are right, to see the change is interesting!
fruenswerk: come on girl, play the weekword, after all you came up with the idea:)
anairam: I do think my work has changed during these 7 years. I think everyone that makes creative stuff will develop their skills and get new interests.
alexandra: det är 3 teckningar, som en blädderfilm. leendet blir bredare på sista bilden. klart jag har kvar arbetsproverna! man var tvungen att göra "ett dragspel" som man lämnade in och det har jag sparat:)
Aimee: thank you for that sweet comment!
aris: yes, it feels good to be done with school. good luck to you!

Nicky Linzey said...

I loved looking at your past work, amazing how it has moved forward in seven years.

Sarah's Creations said...

Lovely portfolio!

I love your header!

Tack för din fina kommentar på min blogg.

PROVINS said...

Åh hvor sjovt.. Det må være en tur ned a memory lane for dig!
Dejligt du har gemt den..
Er HDK egentlig en god skole?? Jeg går jo og overvejer udveksling...

when skies are grey said...

wow, great to see your art school pieces. i really love the woman reclining!

Veja cecilia said...

Nicky: It´s cool to take a look back!
Sarha: kul att du hittat hit!
Provins: å vilken svår fråga. är det på magisternivå du går? är det textil design? för om du tänker dig ett utbyte till textil/konsthantverk tycker jag att du ska göra det. de på textilen är super. är det design du går och tänker jobba med textil och mönster tycker jag inte du ska göra det. dvs. om du inte går på kandidat,för där är det bättre. men på magister var det väldigt fritt och det är svårt att komma på utbyte då. om du vill veta mer är det bara att du mejlar mig frågor så ska jag svara på dem så gott jag kan!
lycka till.
Kimerley: that woman is one of my happiest paintings. It was so much fun painting it and wehen I look at it I can still feel the spirit of the art school in kokkola. (where i was a student then)It was a great year:)