Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Heavy post!

I´m in the "sharingmood". Going through old stuff and scanning them again after the computer crash. Images above is the portfolio that I applied to the master degree program with, 4 years ago. If I compare this portfolio to the one I made for the bachelor degree and with the work I´m doing now, it´s very different. This one has alot of "design" in it. I worked alot with project that where based on concepts, that had strong ideas behind the designs.
Nowadays I work with decoration and I love it!
1. portfolios backside
2. This project is about an movement we (me and 4 friends) where working with to provide people with design history. We held lectures and I also wrote an essay.
3. Graphic profile project for the university.
4. Projects about sustainability. I did alot of crafting in plastic. More here and here.
5. Working with communication. Pernilla and I made a project about hiding your face. How it´s sometimes ok (for doctors, in sports etc) and other times not. On the left side it´s a project about communications within a family. I made some scetches of bedding that had one patterned side (two bunnies going at it) and one colored. My idea was that If someone in the relationship didn´t feel up to it they could just turn the colored side up and vice versa.
6. Drawing: different illustrations.
7. patterns that communicate. This is a patterns that I made based on the TV´s test image.
8+9. Bachelor degree project. See more here.
well, that was that!


Lotte said...

I just LOVE to see

Alexandra Hedberg said...


Veja cecilia said...

fruenswerk: I´m glad!
alexandra: vad roligt att du tycker det. jag försöker sätta in mig själv i nån form av samband (för min egen skull) att titta och fundera på vad jag gjort gör saker klarare!

Esti said...

everything looks so interesting! what a busy bee you are!

Elisabeth - said...

OJ! En liten nanosekund så kom ett sting av avundsjuka över mig för att du lyckats med så glasklar kommunikation i ditt arbete - men jag lovar att det var en kortis bara... Lovar! :)
Och du, den plastpåsemattan, helt befriande markering!

Veja cecilia said...

Esti: this is old stuff, nowadays I´m not that hard working:P
elisabeth: :)

nathalie et cetera said...

this is so great! Don't you find it kind of satisfying to have your work put together like that and see all you've done along the years. Love the layout!