Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Yellow wednesday

I like the patterns that the designer Karolina Kling makes.


Alice said...

si, hablo español ! di me ! di me! di me !

can you tell me about it in a comment on the song post, so it can be related it to the song ? :D

Alice said...

hahaha i am so stupid !! i read too fast !! :D

BUT, i am fascinated about Sweden, i am moving to Stockholm in a month, (to live there) and my goal is to become fluent in swedish, so please tell me anyway, it will be a good translation/culture exercise :D

Alice said...

ok first of all tack för lyricken :D

and then, from what i understood, woaw it IS very similar, the structure, and the progression is the same... but i guess the theme is universal, when you love someone and wait for them :)

we were talking about Aprilgatan with a friend, cause it's so beautiful, a street that leads to April :) but then we found out there was an Aprilgatan street in Stockholm! :D

awww i will translate it all, it seems so sweet <3

thank you for this discovering :)

actually, if i could live in a dreamland, i would live in Stockholm, but i would remove all the Stockholmers, and replace them by all the people from Göteborg ! no kidding, cause the spirit is so much more open minded, original, and i LOVE the way you talk there :D all jumpy and cheerful <3

sorry, i told you i was the sweden lover freak kind ! :)

well tack igen <3