Wednesday, 11 June 2008

childrens song

n swedish this is a childrens song about five little birds in a tree, sitting on a branch. Then one falls down and there are only four little birds left. And the song goes on like that until there is only the branch left, with no birds on it. Kind of depressing song but the kids love to "sing-with-the-hand". My daughter keeps asking me why the birds fall down and I can´t really answer, cause the birds could just fly away if they where about to fall...


Alice said...

oh we have the same song in French ! and i love it !
in ours, there is 5 birds in the nest, and the smallest one says "move !! move !!" they all move, and one falls of the nest, and then they are 4, the smallest one says "move !!!" and so on, and at the end the smallest is on his own in the nest and he says "but ?? where are you ?!!"

su ch a cute drawing !!

Veja cecilia said...

That song makes more sense and the swedish one. In the swedish one they just fall down!

when skies are grey said...

Ooh, such a nice drawing!!
Thanks so much for your nice comment that led me to your lovely blog.

Veja cecilia said...


Alice said...

hahaha so funny that they fall for no reason, but i forgive them, they're swedish <3 ;D

and your drawing, is really great, it makes sense, really cool :)