Thursday, 19 June 2008

Good news

Two good news today, or perhaps even three... First: The work with Myrkott is going well, better than expected! I know we have Elisabeth and petit magazine to thank for that:)
Second: I got a scholarship, 5000:-. GREAT:)
And third: it´s midsummer and NO work for three days!


Kitt said...

Congratulations on the scholarship!

That's a lovely drawing.

Veja cecilia said...

thanks:) The drawing is a part of myrkotts prints!

Fine Little Day said...

Å vad kul och bra med pengar, grattis grattis! Och tack, ni har er själva att skylla, så snygga grejer ni gör. Glá midsommar! said...

En superfin teckning till...impad!