Friday, 25 February 2011

To teach is to challange yourself!

Yesterday I decided to give my illustration students a workshop in papercutting, without ever tryed it myself. Some people would say that it´s crazy to teach like that, I would say that it´s very unpretentious and playful. AND aslong as you do a good reaserarch (there is so much nice papercuts to find on the internet that describes all the possibilitys within the method) and have the right materials, what can go wrong? Above you can see one of my first attempts with the knife and on the following photos you can see some of the students result from the workshop.
I think I´m hooked, I like that it´s almost like drawing, it takes very long time and lots of concentration. There is no way to erase and a mistake has to be turned into a possibility. Just my way of working!
Enjoy your weekend! I will be teaching a pattern workshop this weekend and patterns is something I have done before, so it won´t be trial and error!


when skies are grey said...

All the papercuts shown look great including your nice and simple bird design. It doesn't look like you are new to it :)

Fruenswerk said...

Like it...a lot...:)

Veja cecilia said...

kimberley and Lotte: you should try it, it´s very fun!