Monday, 7 February 2011

Going through my markers, part 1

I´m going through my markers and trying to figure out what kind of colors I need for my curtain project. Promarkers was the first markers I bought, they have two different nibs and can´t be refilled. I use them for coloring larger areas and smoothen the borders between different shapes. Most of the time I use the trias to "draw" with, to get the fine lines, and then I go over the areas that I want to smoothen up with one marker ( see top image), satin is my favourite. In my drawings there are very little clean white paper left, and what can be taken for white is almost never white. Therefor most of my promarkers are in neutral colors. 


Alexandra Hedberg said...

...att du använder så många alltså!

... Hur många pennor har du totalt - som du använder - undrar jag nu?

Fruenswerk said...

Yahhh...The photo makes me wanna buy markers...draw with markers...collect markers...hahaha

Veja cecilia said...

haha, ingen aning om hur många jag har totalt. För få!
Lotte: I bet if markers where eatable they would taste like heaven!