Friday, 18 February 2011

Going through my markers, part 2

Is there a  difference between promarkers and copic? They have the same nibs, two different ones (see them in the second pucture). Copic has some very light pastels that I use alot,  ice blue, mint green and very pale pink, and Copic markers can be refilled. thats about he only difference there is.
In the last image u can see touch markers, they have the same nibs but the colors are more intense and the pastels are very colorful, it´s hard to find pale shades. They are cheaper than both promarkers and copic and can be nice to start with, but I have to warn you, the quality isn´t good and they dry very fast!
I would love to try these in color. In black they are absolutly my favourite fineline pen,  but how will they work in color? Anyone that have tried them?


Fruenswerk said...

The love for markers...I use both Copic and Pro...haha...Can´t get enough...Funny today I sorted mine...Haven´t tried the fineline pen though...

marie-louise said...

vad många du har:)