Sunday, 9 May 2010


1.Morning drawing, love birds.
2. Wallpaper for V´s room.
3. J is playing with lego, all the time.
4. Last night we moved the sofa, the tv and a bookshelf. Still,  after 2 months, we can´t figure out how we want to furnish this room.
5. Breakfast leftovers.
6. Undone bed.
7. Kids that get along one minute, argues the next.


Fine Little Day said...

Det där fina tapetmönstret skulle du kunna ha gjort!

vestidadedomingo said...

genial love birds!!

aimee said...

this made me smile! what a great sunday!

Therese said...

Jag älskar din ärliga härliga söndagsröra!