Sunday, 31 January 2010


We are tearing down the old kitchen and starting from scratch! The building was built in the late fifties but the previous owner renovated the kitchen in the seventies and replaced every nice, robust part of it with fake materials. The only thing I really loved with this kitchen now was the flooring, sadly it can´t stay cause they didn´t put it under the stove or the fridge!
Now when we starting to come down to the old structure the colors and  the old wallpapers that we are finding underneath is fantastic! I can just imagine how the place looked when it was new:)
With our old apartment we had much more luck with the kitchen, it was kind of intact. We just did the surfaces.
Well, this journey to come will be heavy, in a month everything needs to be done!
First thing to decide is if I should go with blood red floor, I feel like it but still red is a VERY strong color...


Fine Little Day said...

Vad kul att få följa er så här. Rött golv låter vågat, och fint.

Stina said...

Blod rött lackat golv? Eller matt? Låter fantastiskt vilket som.

Christine said...

Jeg glæder mig til at se hvad du vælger til gulvet.
Hvor er der mange skønne detaljer i den lejlighed :-)