Wednesday, 6 January 2010


I only got one question about drawing and it was from Kimberley, she asked me if I was a constantly-drawing child. So, here we go!
When I was 19 it was written an article in a local paper about me (because of a wallpainting I was doing) that "I was born with the brush in my hand". I can still laugh when I think about that article, cause it´s SO NOT true. I always knew that the skill I had was in arts, but I always thought I was kind of mediocre. It was more like: I new I could draw but never bothered to do it cause it wasn´t that much fun. Probably that had to do alot with my art teacher, who wasn´t that inspiring and didn´t open my eyes for ART!
It was when I was 22 and started artschool (with a goal of getting accepted to art teachers program after 2 years ) that I understod that I like drawing and had some kind of bigger skill for it. I truly enjoyed painting and drawing, so much that I took a detour to Finland and painted for a year!
After artschool I got accepted to the art teachers program (university) and after the detour I felt that painting and being an artist wasn´t for me, so I decided to start the art teacher program. After only half a year there I felt that it was to little drawing, to much kids and to much paipers to write=nothing for me! I had a bigger interest in drawing and painting then I thought.
I applied to design school (HDK) and got accepted.
At HDK I thought I would become a graphic designer and I was really strict in my drawing, couldn´t let my own language come through at all. I tryed every branch of the design during my first 3 years and after Bachelor degree I knew that my main interest was visual communication and design theory(!)
Then came next turn, motherhood. When I was home with my newborns (after bachelor degree) I couldn´t do much design so I started to draw every now and then.
when I came back to school (after 2 years) it kind of exploded. I had such flow and it was so, so fun.
Which was a great feeling cause before that I felt kind of lost and I didn´t know what to do.
Now (almost 3 years later) I feel totally at home with being a drawer and my own language and method is developing every day, and I also found out that I love to make patterns:)
I think drawing is about enjoying the ride and feeling inspired!
That was a long answer! The image is from today but it so well describes my searching for my own way!


kristina - no penny for them said...

hej, this was so lovely to read. i find it really encouraging to hear that there are people who find their way walking a really long and winding road - and not in a sort of beeline. i feel that way too: some things just need time and for me, lots of things have happened last year that sound a bit similar to your story.

glad you found your gift and vision. here's to a fabulous 2010!

Fruenswerk said...

Interesting...long answer hihi...I make mine short this time...:)

nathalie et cetera said...

missed your 2 last posts. too busy, i have to come back. started to read this one and smiled at what was written in the article. it seems every artist in this world was born with a brush or pencil in is hand...

aimee said...

i loved this story cecilia! thanks for sharing your art background!

nathalie et cetera said...

another very interesting post! thank you Cecilia!

Veja cecilia said...

thanks for your sweet comments girls:)And for reading that LONG post:)