Friday, 1 January 2010


Just randomly posted images from 2009. Images of events that matterd a lot, images I like or images  simply talked to me. Now I close the book of a great year. Alot have happend both for my family and for me as a designer.
I wish for a even better 2010, if possible!
Thank you for following me, blogging is fantastic and this place makes me happy!


Anonymous said...

Ah! The photo with the two kids and the two dogs cracks me up for some reason :)

Hope 2010 turns out great for you!

Lotten said...

Älskar tyget i din kjol! Visst är det ditt eget mönster..?

Gott Nytt År!

handmade romance said...

great look back. the pic with the two dogs is one of my favs - make me smile heaps : ) happy 2010 to you and your family x

nathalie et cetera said...

i don't remember seeing the third photo. where is it?
love the last photo with all your patterns and still smile at pipi :)

chao said...

little pippi is amazing, and loving the dress with your drawing on

Veja cecilia said...

cerealjoe & Evie: I love that photo aswell, makes me smile:)
Lotten: ja, det är en del av mitt exjobb!
Nathalie: the third photo is from liseberg, the amusementpark here in gothenburg. veggie installation, very nice:)
chao: Pippi never looks this angry though. my daughter just hate that pippi outfit, she prefers pink and princess outfits. but here mum just loves astrid lindgren and all the carachters from the movies:)
Happy new year to all of you!