Friday, 25 September 2009

Spira 2

"You need to start living your dream, otherwise it will never come true"
Today I had a coaching in sales. Do you remember that I told you last week that my first goal was to show my portfolio to the adverticing agencies here in Gothenburg? Forget I ever said that! Today I understood that I need to put my goals much higher, aim higher. Ofcourse I need to take jobs on the side, just to put food on the table, but the vision should be farther. So we worked with a model for how patterndesigner cecilia should package herself:
The illustration above describes my trademark as patterndesigner/illustrator.
The black circle is my trademark, my company. (I´m not sure that I will call it Veja Cecilia, any ideas about another name?)
The words in the middle of the circle are my core values, what signifies Veja cecilia and discerns my work from others. Also what I, Cecilia, stands for as an patterndesigner/illustrator.
To figure out the core values I asked myself how to attract my future clients, patternproducers around the world.
What attracts them is different whether or not your a “name”, and I´m not. So I need to use other ways to attract them.
In my portfolio I need to:
1. produce something by using my own expression.
2. that something need to attract a future custumer of theirs. It would be great if it filled a gap in their catalog.
3. It has to be of high quality, to distinguish from others possible designs.
Next week I´m suppose to prepare a presentation, based on the information above, for a future client. I think I will aim high and shoot for Rörstrand.
Have a great weekend!


kristina k said...

sounds so interesting and inspiring.

and yes, go for rörstrand! :)

●• Thereza said...

i have to come back to this post tomorrow as i've had a few glasses of wine.... looks really interesting, cecilia! love the new blog head :) thumbs up!!!

nathalie et cetera said...

this process seems very interesting. it broadens our way of seeing things. will be back for more.

marie-louise said...

Att lyssna till sin dröm, att anpassa sig, att ta plats och ändå avstå från frestelser, livets svåra grej...

annapernilla said...

Rörstrand låter bra go for it!

Veja cecilia said...

thanks for your comments. I´m not sure abut posting these posts, this is a journey I´m on RIGHT now and perhaps my posts sounds totally crazy and as I´m some where far away. atleast thats how it feels for me. we´ll see how it feels this week, after presentation on wednesday. But THANKS for reading and making comments, feels good to have you out there:)

Alexandra Hedberg said...

jag tycker det är jätteintressant att läsa det här!Tack för att du delar med dig ... jag har sett fram emot att få höra hur det går för dig. Vi är ju båda på väg!

Jag tycker Rörstrands låter jätteintressant (=helt rätt) för dig. Jag gillar dig allra bäst som mönsterdesigner - du sticker ut så mycket! (=very good indeed!)

Fruenswerk said...

You and Alex has a great thing going interesting to read...I really can use this :)))) Thanks

Fruenswerk said...

great new header and owl in this post :))) Go for it girl...