Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Happy day!

Happy day, alot of deliveries! Picked up my wall vinyls from Stema screen, my to-be rug (have to cut it) from Tobex and my minicards from Moo.
And I´m waiting for one more delivery thats on it´s way, my sisters baby!


Hanna Åberg said...

snyggt alltihop! och dina grejer på affischen i förra inlägget. mums

FruensWerk2 said...

What a nice day for you...can imagine ohw U must like and like ;D

Anne said...

ALLT ser mycket bra ut.
Hurra för dig!!

handmade romance said...

Oh YAY way too exciting! This all looks fabulous printed. What a nice moment for you. Good deliveries are fun x

Aris said...

Beautiful and the last one what is that on? It is so soft against your patterns a perfect combination.

Cecilia said...

Beautiful minicards of Moo!
because yours works are wonderful :)
Saludos from Spain"

marie-louise said...

Jag är SÅÅÅÅÅ imponerad! Jag älskar dina mönster!

Veja cecilia said...

Tack Hanna! Du får komma på utställningen:)
Fruenswerk: It feels good to finish things. To bad i didn´t have time with weekword yet this week, have to try during the weekend!
Anne: tack!
Evie: it´s fantastiv what modern technology can print!
Aris: the last one is my pattern printed on a rug.
Cecilia: thanks! Nice name you got, and welcome to my blog:)
Marie-Louise: en fågel kvittrade att vi kanske kommer ses imorgon, oj så spännande!

●• Tiny Red said...

excellent!! i've ordered some new moo cards too, they're so cool, yours look wonderful! can't wait to see mine now.......................... :)

Alexandra Hedberg said...

fina moo cards!

Sandra Dieckmann said...

wow wow wow!
Your work looks absolutely stunning and great assembled like that on the Moo cards. Very very impressive !!!
I received some in the mail today as well...bussiness cards this time...Will take photos tmrw. in the lght!Moo's quality is really pretty good.
Thank you for sharing these x