Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Public comission: colours

The colors that where decided from the beginning, by the architect of the building, is mainly concentrated to the flooring. The walls are pale white. There was a red glass that I managed to get rid off, and one of the green colours, the cold on, will be in another room than my curtain. But still, the colours are not really "my colours".
First I thought about picking the colors from from the textile print Pythagoras by Sven Markelius (see a blue version on the right side, there is also a red one.) I have always loved the color schemes and they suits the flooring of the room. Then I got my eyes on copic fineliner set with 12 colors, and I decided to try and use only those twelve colors. I had a hard time ordering them and when I finally managed there was circumstances that got the delivery delayed 2 months. I had to let go of that idea.
(I got the pens today.  I will blog about the set torrow)
I was very happy when I stumbled upon the book "west coast" by Tore Hagman last saturday. I discovered  "the colours" in some images with westcoast feeling (see above) and since the theme is water and fishes and westcoast it feels perfect. I actually think the colors work togather quite well,  so now I feel as if I can manage to approach the project with colour!


Flotsam Friends said...

Adore those colours together. I wouldn't have known how they were going to work together but those images bring them together perfectly. Especially shots 3 & 4. I'd love to see more of those colours together over here in Sydney. P.S. What is that fifth shot of? Looks magical. Pruxxx

Fruenswerk said...

Can´t wait to see more ;-)

Veja cecilia said...

floatsam friends: the fifth image is of jellyfishes:)
Lotte: I feel eager to work:)