Wednesday, 25 May 2011


Trying my new copic fineline markers. Ohh, me like! Pens are my drug, and these are truly addictive. The brush nib is close to fantastic, it can make sooo thin lines and also wider ones. They come in 12 colors, and about 5 of them is something extra.
I´m actually thinking about opening my own penstore, with my favourite markers and nice paper. I have big trouble finding what I need here in Gothenburg, that must mean more people having the same problem. It´s just a thought, but still, a nice thought.


Ína said...

Oh, I think a pen-store is a lovely idea. Can you make it a webshop? I dream about an amazing webshop that can deliver the best pens and paper to Iceland. We don't have the quality stuff here, which I find sad and annoying.

Plus, I like your blog very much, come here often!
Best regards, Ína from Reykjavík

Veja cecilia said...

Ína: The idea of the penshop is slowly growing in my head, ofcourse it had to be a webshop aswell:) Now I have to go over to you place and see what you are up to!

Fruenswerk said...

OHHH me like :)))

BBN said...

Härliga blommor, pennorna ser intressanta ut!