Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Pattern by hand, 1

1. You need a bunch of post-it paper, atleast 12.

2. Put 4 paper like the picture shows and draw something in the middle.

3. Put another 4 paper above your first 4 and draw the same thing as on the papers underneath (it´s possible to see throught the post-it paper.) repeat until you have atleast three layers of paper.

4. Put the extra layers of paper to the side and continue on your original 4 paper, move the two papers from the left side to the right.

5. Your image will now look like this.

6. Draw something more in the middle of the "new compostion". Put on your extra layers again and draw the same thing on them.

8. Put the layers beside eachother and to see how your pattern looks.

 9. To make it more complexed, move the two bottom papers to the top.

 10.  Continue drawing in the middle of the "new composition.

 11. Put the layers beside eachother or above achother to see how your pattern looks.

12. Then continue moving around from side to side and up and down until your pattern is ready! The four original papers are the key to your pattern!

Good luck!
I have been giving some pattern workshops the last weeks and will give some more the upcoming, so as a service for my students I´m posting a tutorial. This first one is how to make a pattern that are repeating itself in a straight row, next will be repeating diagonal.


Karolina Pettersson said...

åh fantastiskt kul!detta ska vi prova!

Fruenswerk said...

WOW...Nice...I´ll try it when I have some time :)))

nathalie et cetera said...

so cool! thanks!