Monday, 7 March 2011

One year of different turns!

Today I put the last hand to this drawing. (Or almost, I have to fix the corners so that it can be printed both standing and laying down so there is about half a drawing day left, then I need to send it to scan, fix the cuts in photoshop and THEN I can deliver it!)
I started it over a year ago, and it´s a comission work. I thought I would get done in a cuple of months or so and I thought it would be part of a triptyk with Elvis, marilyn and Michael. Now, one year later, it´s something completly different. It´s one drawing, A2 size. Elvis was cut out some months ago and the triptyk idea is long gone. I´m curious to see it produced and hopefully it will happen this year (fall), and then I will show the final result!


Alexandra Hedberg said...

...åh, de där projketen som tar evigheter ...
skall bli spännande att se vad det blir av det här i höst!

Alexandra Hedberg said...

kommer tyvärr bara snabbis till ateljén den här veckan för att hämta screentrycksmapp inför kurs ... nästa vecka är jag troligen i ateljén på tisdagen (skall hänga utställningen på torsdagen!) Inte mkt ateljé förrän i juni ...kanske. Blir mkt KKV.