Friday, 28 January 2011

It´s friday!

I´m working on this drawing right now, it´s quite big, A2 size. Hanging on my kitchen wall, waiting for me to come up with a color plan that works. The triamarkers comes in 300 different colors, I don´t have them all, but alot of them. Having alot of different colors is most of the time good, but right now it´s confusing. If I would put my finger on onw thing that I have a problem with in my drawings, it´s color. I have decided that for my next project I will pick 20 colors and then I will stick to them (but in my head there is already a plan to expand the amount if nessicary, and that tells alot about how I always make every thing more rather then less. ) Next week I will try and make a tutorial about how I use the markers to mork with layers!
Went to the printers and picked up the book that I did the grapic design for. Alexandra was the editor of it. Feels good to finally have it in my hands.
On monday I will draw two winners!

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Elisabeth said...

Å, vilka fantastiska färger. I de där lagren. Spännande att följa fortsättningen.