Thursday, 20 January 2011

Different nibs

As a part of my giveaway you can win 4 fineliners from letraset. The nibs are  0,1  0,3  0,5 and 0,7. When I draw my black and white drawings I use different kind of nibs to get a various feeling in the drawing and also play with scale and perspective in a effordless way. Most important for me is to have a very thin one and also a thicker one. I would love it if they came up to 1,5 or something, but I havn´t found any brand that has fineliners that is that thick. Have you?
Don´t forget to enter!

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Fruenswerk said...

Oh...YES forgot about these (remember when you bought them)...Would loooove to have them in my hand and here on my table...I´ll link to your giveaway...haha