Thursday, 3 June 2010


I have set my mind on doing some fashion drawing. It´s interesting to try different styles and different materials, trying to find some angle that suits me. Soon it´s time to play with colors. For months now my markers was at the studio, but I miss them during the evenings so this sunday I brought them with me back home. I guess I have to carry the bag between the places every day.


marie-louise said...

Du är cool Cecilia!

Alexandra Hedberg said...

Kör på hårt!
kul att du prövar på så många olika infallsvinklar.

... har du släppt det där med akvarellen tillfälligt?

Veja cecilia said...

du med marie-louise!
aleandra, inte släppt, bara insett min begränsning.

Fruenswerk said...

I like what I see :)))) I´m plying a lot with my colors these days...wanna buy new ones/more haha

nathalie et cetera said...

these are very different. like them!