Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Blueish things that I like

The other week I finally bought a dress that I´ve been looking at forever. I tryed it once, last year, but they didn´t have my size in the right color and I thought blue wasn´t for me. Now the blue one was on sale and I just couldn´t resist it. It´s hanging here looking at me and asking for a really nice evnt to worn at!
This chocolate is addicting. It makes crazy twist in my mouth and probably it will make me gain alot of weight so that I can´t wear my new dress!


Fruenswerk said...

Haha...I got a thing with chocolate too...Have to try this...I LOVE nougat-mouse...Can eat them always...AND MANY...Very nice dress :)

Veja cecilia said...

I hope that one day we can share some chocolate over a cup of coffee!