Friday, 23 April 2010


I had a plan to play the weekword game today but the truth is that right now I´m kind of without trust. And without images cause of my computer problems. So I will go with words this week.
This week I´m looking for trust. As a freelacing designer everything is built upon it. I need to trust my ability to work, deliver and please my design buyers.
This week my work and I was questioned not one, but two (different) times, cause of the high artistic level. Am I a designer or an artist? Have trust in me: I am a designer, I work from a brief. Tell me what to do, in what way to do it. And i will do it.
Two designers I know had an agreement with a design producer to deliver x patterns. Both are now standing there with alot of designwork done cause the producer in the last minute said that they had found what they where supposed to buy from my friends somewhere else. And this somewhere else is very much like the something my friends would provide them with. Hello: not ok. We designers need to trust the people that gives us the job, trust  that they will stick to our contract!
-----------------Go to Elisabeths blog to see the other participants!
It´s crazy. I went to buy a new laptop on tuesday. There aren´t any to buy. The old ones are sold out and the new ones hasn´t arriwed yet. So, I have to wait. I need to belive that I will get everything in order so that I can work again. And blog.


Elisabeth said...

Pepp till dig, Cecilia! Det är svårt det där med tillit. Krävs mer än en vecka för att reda ut. Och helst en god omvärld...
Kram, Elisabeth

Fruenswerk said...

Trust yourself no matter what ...must be the way...Hmm...Lots of stuff is against you these days?...
Sometimes everything just go bananas...Same here big hug 2U ;)

Alexandra Hedberg said...

du kan lita på mig...och absolut på din talang...

det där med laptops; vulkanaskan! jag skulle köpa present till min sambo och fick veta att de inte fått sina leveranser!

jag kommer vara i ateljén på ons(em)-fre. Syns vi?

Veja cecilia said...

Elisabeth: du har så rätt!
Lotte: lots of things against me but I guess thats thing moving forward. I will soon be on top of everything again. just need to remind myself to do things that i belive in and that I like doing!
alexandra: vulkanaska!
ja ses det gör vi sannerligen! jag ska ge marilyn och mj en omgång i veckan så jag kan få dem klara:)

hanna-happenings said...

...få se nu, nycklar, plånbok och tillit, ner i väskan och iväg! bra idé.
Må TILLIT vara med Dig! :)

Christine said...

Jeg øver mig også i tillid. Altid - hele tiden. Hårdt arbejde at lære at have tillid. Er enig med Elisabeth - det tager tid. Men øj-øj det er bedst! Vi må ikke miste tilliden.
Det samme som skete for dine venner skete for min ven for nylig. Ikke pænt!

hanna-happenings said...

I am the weekword deliverer this week, sign up on my blog if You want to join.

Veja cecilia said...

hanna: ja må tillit vara med mig!!
christine: vad obehagligt det är när design köpare snor idéer, blä:(