Saturday, 17 January 2009


Today we went to a very traditional party where we got rid of the christmas tree (julgransplundring in swedish, don´t even know if there is a english word?). You dance around the tree, the children get alot of candy and santa made his last stop. My son loves music and dancing and was absolutley thrilled about the whole thing. My daughter finally said hello to santa after crying as soon as she saw him during christmas, and she was so proud!
Tomorrow I´m going to London so I´ll be off for a cuple of days.

The Myrkott site is translated to english, there is a new shop (very limited to start with.) And a new blogg. Welcome!


Alexandra Hedberg said...

ser underbart ut med julgransplundingen.

.. jag hann aldrig ge dig några Lonodntips. ar avrit såååå trött. Jag säger bara "raseriutbrott" många. (inte jag alltså - sonen)

Veja cecilia said...

det där med trött och utbrott känner jag väl igen. det är jobbiga tider:(