Friday, 10 October 2008

11 details

My mother is here for a visit, show u some photos tomorrow:)

I was tagged by Kimberley to do 11 details.
Here I go...

Shop for clothes: Lately alot from Monki. I love trousers with high waiste! (I must admit that I shop mostly for the kids...)

Furniture shop: IKEA and 2nd hand. I love IKEA in a way thats almost impossible to describe. I like the caring concept and it´s like going to an amusementpark with the kids. The furniture is sadly very temporary cause everything breaks. But it fits for us cause the kids break everything anyway!

Sweets: Marzipan bread from Anthon Berg, covered with dark chocolate.

City: There is no place like home, so, Gothenburg.

Drink: Coffee! Sparkling water and red wine. In that specific order.

Music: I´m in to oldies. And country and a bit of scamusic. And whatever my man listen to cause I listen mostly to the radio.

TV: LOST, desperate housewifes and Greys anatomy. Boring, I know, but I´m soooo stuck!

Film: Hedwig and the angry inch. There are some movies that are just...

Workout: Twice a week I go to a gym and I work out as hell. And the other days I just try to stay of the tram.

Pastries: Semla, Until I got pregnant I didn´t eat them at all, during and after: I could LIVE on them. But then I had to live at the gym also.

Coffee: Yes please. Alot and with milk.

I tag karin!


Fine Little Day said...

Semlor, åååh. Längtar!

Veja cecilia said...

ja me!

Anne said...

haha, en rar liten lista, och så unga och söta Simon& Grafunkel är :)
ha en fortsatt fin helg!

Anonymous said...

Our drinks are exactly the same, although the order fluctuates a bit.
It's nice to learn more about you.