Saturday, 13 September 2008

on our walls

Annika asked what was on my walls. First thought: nothing, cause it´s impossible to drill here. I´ve got the most wonderfull things down in the basement that I just miss so much...
But here we go:
1. Wonderful prints from Niklas Holm
2. Pinocchio doll
3. Hangers from Åhléns, necklace that my daughter made
4. ALOT of mail
5. Childrens drawing, and more toys
6. IKEA PS locker for multimedia
7. Shadow from the curtain that my mother made.
8. Old vinyl covers.
9. Photos.
10. Paintings by the same Niklas, poster that was a present to the children from their aunt.
11. And what most of our walls are covered with: bookshelves.
I tag Kimberley, Sara and Karin.


Annika said...

Vad fint... åh, fem myror! Tack för titten :)

Kitt said...

I love those poodle hangers! Of course, I love all things poodle.

makiato said...

Pärlhalsband av den lite barnsligare sorten är så fint! Passar bra på väggen.