Sunday, 24 August 2008

The weekend

My mother came for quick a visit this weekend. She brought alot of mushrooms so now my freezer is filled! We took a trip to IKEA, It´s great for the kids, they have really thought about everything. I forgot to bring a diper but ofcourse IKEA had some for emergencys... It´s almost like going to an amusementpark, but better. And both me and V started a new drawing, her is a dinosaur and mine is whatever.


when skies are grey said...

I just had my first ikea visit a few weeks ago (with only my husband, no kid...ahhh) and that's exactly what we were saying, that they were so thoughtful in many respects.
Also, your drawing is great, love that smile :)
or not a smile, either way.

Veja cecilia said...

he thing with IKEA is that it´s like a big family or something. It´s just so sad that the designs don´t live up to the same feeling. It´s just to much I think. But ofcourse there are designs to love also. And whats great is that everyone can find something there. I almost havn´t seen anyone leaving emptyhanded.

Angélique said...

Because i love to read your blog, I awarded you!
Please see my blog for details.
(play along if you like)

Anne said...

ah, det låter som en prima helg och vilken fin-fin teckning!!

Veja cecilia said...

Angélique: Thanks for the award!
Anne: Tack! Helgen var skön. Mamma är ju alltid mamma:)