Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Meeting at Sandbergs

Here is the drawing I started a cuple of days ago. Sorry that the photos are so small (from yesterday also) but the drawing is so big (A2) so I can´t scan it.
Today I was at Sandbergs and Talked to great designer Lotta Kvist. I will be doing a kind of Freelance internship there until the middle of november and hopefully I will learn everything worth learning about wallpaper and fabric. My project will be to make atleast five different patterns and they all have to communicate with eachother. The theme will be "gothenburg". I´m both exited and scared cause I have never done anything as big as this. I´ll keep you posted!

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Anne said...

Wow, vad spännande... Ser verkligen fram emot dina kommande alster!