Saturday, 2 February 2013

In the wood 2

Still in the wood, this time in color. Grew up close to the wood, in the middle of one almost. Now I live by the sea and I sometimes miss it.  Can´t rember spending musch time there when I was young. But perhpas thats just it: it was there and therefor I miss it now when it´s not.
This will be printed and exhibited at stockholm firniture fair next week!


Alexandra Hedberg said...

superfint! Du fixade det, som vanligt. Du är så bra, Cissi!

handmade romance said...

Wow i love this! I think its true we do tend to take things for granted only realising once gone could have been. All the best at the fair!

Lotte said...

Hey girl...long time no see...haha
Still looking good in here ;)))
Have a nice day :)

kristina said...

vad fint!