Sunday, 21 October 2012


I am not here. I am working on coming back but I needed a break. Mostly because I´m fed up with myself and my work. I´m serously questioning what I´m doing and why? There is no future for me in patterndesign here in sweden, they (my patterns) are impossible to sell.Now I have started a drawingbook with unselling patterns and it feels good. I´ll show u soon.


when skies are grey said...

I hate hearing your patterns are not selling great, it seems you've been so busy. But I love seeing your drawings again, so nice!

Veja cecilia said...

I have been buisy doing other great things that I like: illustrations, public commissions, exhibitions and teaching. but still, I want to draw. I´m longing for time to just make patterns and dive into it. for real. But it seems as if the producers here in sweden are very very picky. Makes me wanna become a producer, and perhaps thats where all this is going?
Nice to hear from you kimberley, I will stop by u and see what you are up to:) At my desk in the studio I have the small totem pole you sent me and I really, really like it!

Alexandra Hedberg said...

ja, du får producera själv - det tror jag på!