Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Trying to live here and now.

First day of last vaccation week. And also the week when I turn 37. In my head I turned 37 the day after I turned 36 and in my head the vaccation is already over.
I´m used to work alot and to relax and do nothing is very hard for me. I always have 3 different jobs besides freelancing. Right now I´m part time employed as a graphic designer here, working part time as an art teacher (for seventh graders) at a school and teaching pattern design, grapic design and illustration here. All togather it´s about +100%. So vaccation is mostly about trying to catch-up with my comissions and other freelancing activitys and hanging with the kids. Tomorrow I will make a plan so that this autumn will be calmer for me, put up some nice goals to acchive. Are you good at planning?

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handmade romance said...

i dont think ive master planning. i make a lot of lists though ; )
a very happy birthday to you too. everything birthday after 30 is a bit of a blur. i forget my age some times. i hope you got a little time to relax and good plans made for autumn.
i really love the coloured weaving squares in this pic!