Monday, 5 December 2011

Childrens book

Second page in the book is actually the first. I just had to start with second page cause I had an idea. Now I got an idea about most of the pages which makes me feel like taking a long break and "just do it". At the childrens book course I met Lisa Karinsdotter Pålsson and she makes the most beautiful origami decorations. I would like to have stars in the celing when I exhibit at stockholm furniture fair, stars folded out of my patterns. I´m starting this illustration inspired by Lisas folded star.
This page in the book, the first, is illustrating this text:
Månen den lyste och stjärnorna glittrade. 
Barfota ute, de sprang och de fnittrade.
I won´t try to translate it cause it´s Elisabeths words and I would ruin them. But it tells about the night an the moon and the stars and kids running outside, giggeling and bare footed.


sara said...

lustigt hur cirklar möts, om och om igen. Lisa är min fd granne här på Kirseberg och vi har barn på samma förskola. Kul att ni samarbetar, hon är fin hon, Lisa.

Veja cecilia said...

men vad roligt! jag ser mycket fram emot att samarbeta med Lisa:)