Thursday, 10 November 2011


I am here, somewhere, just feeling a bit off.  I am cought with a dreadful caugh theat never seems to let go of me. And I can´t find the transfercable for my camera, sorry for these lusy cellphone images:(
Julform is taking alot of effort right now, in a fun and good way.
Good things have happend lately!
1. I have been picked to scetch (and compete with 11others for 6 comissions) for a new big public comission.
2. I will exhibit my new wallpaper collection ( at the drawing table right now) that also is a book (text by Elisabeth Dunker and illustrated by me) at the Stockholm furniture fair/green house in february 2012.
3. And the kids turned 6!


Alexandra Hedberg said...

trevligt att få lite livstecken från dig.

ser spännande ut med de slingriga trästammarna!

Christine said...

Tillykke med børnene. Og tillykke med ting som lykkes! Jeg håber din hoste går væk meget snart.

Pia Johansson said...

Mm, en bit av den där smörgåstårtan...

gracia said...

Aha! So many good and exciting things. Good luck.