Monday, 11 April 2011

Julie Nord at Akvarell museet

V and I went to see the Julie Nord exhibiton at Nordiska Akvarell Museet. V thought the drawings where scary and she wanted to leave after five minutes.
Julie Nord is an artist I like and often refer to when I teach, so I had really looked forward to see things IRL. The size of the works what was suprised me the most, I knew that they where big but still I was amazed how HUGE some of the drawings was. Her way to handle the inc is interesting for me as an artist and I must say it was a bit dissapointing. Here work is nice from a distance but upcloe they lose their charm, I can see that she was short of time and the lines are sometimes a bit half done. (You know how lines is important for me!) It´s here compositions that strikes me as most interesting: how she leaves some spaces white and how she dares to make things black. And also the stories that are told.  How she works with color is still something to think about. I´m not sure if i like it or not. I prefer her black/white work. GO see!

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Lotte said...

Ohhh...I love Julie Nord :) The way she work the black and white...
And wow they ARE big...haha...Never got to see they "live"