Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Not much posting lately!

I am alive, just not kicking that much!
Past weeks I havn´t been to the studio at all. When I go there next week I will continue with the Elvis comission work. The thing with comissions is that they can often change. First they wanted me to
draw Elvis in the middle, now they ask me to get rid of him. I´m happy that they decided to drop him, but still, cutting in a drawing is sad. But I am 100% sure that this time the cutting will do good!
Today I got some new markers and a some new (for me) paiper from letraset by airmail, can´t wait to start using it!


Caterina Pinzarrone said...

Jeg er hel vild med dine prints :) Jeg sætter dig på min blogliste.

Lidia said...

längtar att få se den i en stor skala, vilket konstverk!

Fruenswerk said...

New markers make the day...Nice work...Bye bye Elvis...