Friday, 24 September 2010

I have missed you!

I forgot my camera cable at my mothers in Värmland last weekend.  Since I didn´t have it I couldn´t blog any photos and the drawings I´ve been working on latley are kind of a secret. So this silent week was unintentional!
This was a hectic week! There are some great things going on right now: yesterday I sold some art, in december I will presentatet sketches for a public comission work , hopefully I´m selling some pattern any day now and I am arranging a christmas market togather with great some great co-workers.
We are buing a (used but for us new) car next week.
And also starting the renovation of our bathroom, kind of chaos to come.
In the middle of everything I will also try and manage to get some stuff done for this competition.
Enjoy your weekend, I will!


Chantal said...

Such beautiful colours in this pattern. Good luck with your competition entry : )

Fruenswerk said...

WOW girl...Good for you...congrats with positive things...almost like my life right now...secrets and stuff to do...haha...Well... I have a son is using every day...haha...maybe I don´t have a car when I think about it?...haha
I cross fingers for U...