Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Loose ends

I have filled my kitchen wall with unfinished drawings and whenever I get tired of one I continue on another one. Hopefully all of them will be finished or thrown away forever on monday.
When I was at art school my teacher said, when I with a saw tryed to divide a bad painting in to several smaller ones, that a bad dawing/painting never can be saved. He was ofcourse right and I ended up with 8 lousy small paintings. After that I try to draw with that lesson in mind, if something feels bad or wrong I start all over, make it black or cut it out.
But sometimes the drawings feels good, it has some kind of quality that I like, but still I feel tired of it. Then I just leave it. Over the years my drawers ended up filled with what I call half dones, and now the most promising ones are on my kitchen wall...


sunny smiles said...

Lovely patterns. Thanks for sharing!

Fruenswerk said...

Najs :) ...all of them..