Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Being with the kids during the day, working in the late evenings.

I am working on a new pattern, in august I´ve got some portfolio meetings and I need something new and fresh. Sometimes when I work I start by using color and sometimes I work in black/white and then add color. Lately I´ve been sketching black/white and then simplify with granit and then add color. A new method that is interesting and more thoughtful. Coloring is a struggle for me, especially when there is a limited amount of colors.


when skies are grey said...

Love your birds!
The coloring issue is what seems most difficult about markers. With paint, you can change the shades as much as you'd like. But you always seem to do it with ease.

Lotte said...

Looking good...Good to try some new metods out...I need to make new things too..or ways to do it...drawing the same same patterns...haha