Sunday, 23 August 2009

Slow sunday

Very slow sunday.


Fruenswerk said...

Slow sundays are nice sometimes...not slow with your markers...though

emcee said...

the lake almost looks like a drawing - makes me miss moments at a lake!

kristina * said...

i love slow sundays... mine was very full, but also beautiful.

love your drawing and the photos!

handmade romance said...

wow that last photo is beautiful. i could easily spend a slow sunday here : )

Veja cecilia said...

Fruenswerk: Actually been kind of slow with my markers lately, had to do some catching up:)
emcee: I love small lakes, it´s so peaceful:)
Kristina: Sundays should be slow, but most of my sundays are very active. So I enjoyed this one:)
Evie: it´s just 10 minutes walk from where I live, really the reason why we decided to move here from the start!

Alexandra Hedberg said...

men vacker