Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Busy day!

Thank you for all your sweet comments on my last posts! Today I should have presented the winners of my one year celebration give away, but the truth is that I didn´t make the drawn yet, today was just to busy!
I started this morning by checking out Sandras examination, it was intresting and I really like her final project!
The rest of the day and the evening until now, I spent drawing a pattern for this competiton. I had decided that I didn´t have the time to participate, but there are so few contest for patterndesigners so yesterday I redecided!

I will be back tomorrow and then I will let you know who will receive a print by snailmail!


Nidhi said...

I found your blog through Sandra. Congratulations on your MFA!!! lovelovelove your patterns so much

annapernilla said...

ser fint ut det här...BRA att du deltar i tävlingen! Jag hade verkligen tänkt och faktiskt jobbat lite för det, men gav faktiskt upp...det blev ett moment för mycket just nu. hoppas du vinner!

Cabrizette said...

wonderfull work ! I'm discovering your blog and it's a great one..

l'appartement said...

magnifique travail!

Veja cecilia said...

Nidhi: welcome!
Pernilla: vad synd att du inte är med. jag vetisjuttsingen hur detta kommer gå, ärligt. Det blev inte så bra!
Cabrizette: welcome!
Iáppartement: I´m sorry, I don´t speak french, but it sound as something positive:))