Saturday, 8 November 2008

Grey saturday filled with joy

Today I´m listening to this and taking care of a very messy home. Kids are sleeping and for the first day in weeks I will not draw at all. Yesterday I finished all of the originals for the trays so on monday they will be sent to press. ( I will show you the result instead of the drawings.)
This empty feeling after finishing something is both sad and joyful. On monday I will be back on my wallpaper project after almost two weeks rest and I feel inspired!
Weekends are the best.
For bigger image, klickeliklick!


aimee said...

what a beautiful blog you have! i just found you from fruenswerk, and i think i've 'seen' you on alexandra's blog as well... i enjoyed looking through your gorgeous drawings and your artistic escapades with your children :)

Lotte said... when others have messy homes...I have a tidy up break...cause works calling for my attention...;(
Much more fun to do other things sometimes...haha...
Great black/white loop of flowers and leaves :)
Enjoy the space after caring in da house ;) said...

Tänk jag känner igen mig i dina teckningar, titta in hos mig får du se att vi verkar gillar samma bildspråk :-)
Har dock aldrig färglagt mina svartvita bilder, men det ser hur läckert ut som helst!

Kitt said...

Ooh, that's a gorgeous drawing. I love it.

Veja cecilia said...

aimee: thanks and thanks for visiting.
Fruenswerk: mess is creative!
Nadja: det ser superfint ut hos dig:)
kitt: thanks:)